Saturday, May 24, 2014

latté kinda day

basic top- i.d.s, knitted cardigan- Portmans, iPhone case- eBay, 2Jours bag- Fendi, espadrilles- Chanel 

How can you not love strolling around Melbourne when it's 20° outside?
I'm coming near my final exam period and yet i still have another final assignment to write. So this small getaway was necessary.
Anywaysss, these pics were taken at Collingwood local brunch spot, Allpress Espresso. The latté was unsurprisingly good, and the modern minimalist interior was sublime.
Although they don't have much of choices on the menu, but the sandwich i ordered was delish!

 ❤ ❤
Photos by: Yoshua Kelvin

Sunday, May 11, 2014

fall for me

Top- Portmans, Waterfall wrap wool coat- Portmans, Jeans- Asos, Clutch- Aldo, Statement necklace- Colette, Heels- Zara, Slim double wrap watch- Michael Kors

Hi there!

This post is solely dedicated to celebrate my last assignment for this month!
So many assignments to do for the last couple of weeks that I didn't even have an easter break. But here I am now enjoying autumn zephyr of beautiful Melbourne.
Some time this month in between the stacking assignments I should do, I realise something about myself. I am weird. Yes I am.
So here's the thing. I often, if not always have a different way of thinking with everybody else around me. My taste is different, my logic is different, my perspective is different. I am different.
I often see confusion on people's eyes when i deliver my ideas or even my fashion sense. Only some people understand who I am and respect them. Some people don't even want to try to listen to what i was about to say hahaha. Sometimes I think that's the reason why I'm not confident about myself, the reason I'm afraid to tell people how I feel.
Is there any other person out there feeling the same thing? You're not alone ;)
But i guess the thing is we're all unique and different. Some people respect them, some people don't.
Don't make our inner weirdness stops us from speaking up and express ourselves. I believe there's always an artistic part in us that makes us different. Preserve it, don't hide it!
The right person, the right people will fall for you.

 ❤ ❤ 
Photos by: Yoshua Kelvin