Monday, February 10, 2014

gone with the wind

Top- Asos, Shorts- Jeanswest, Shirt- Cotton On, Sunnies- Marc Jacobs, Ring- Topshop, Clutch- Nali Envelope Clutch Bag

I can say it's pretty hard and WRONG to choose windy day for a photo shoot.
What can I say, It was pretty much an unplanned trip.
Turned out, it was pretty awesome. Beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery.
And interestingly, these were honestly not the planned outfit I was going to wear.
The one I (stupidly) chose was a dress and it flew everywhere so it's impossible to get any shot in.
Ya know.. Dress.. Windy day.. Bad combination.
Anywho, I guess it's not really a fashion crime to wear thongs right?
Well at least I think so. Well... At least i wear them when I'm at the beach coz you can't wear heels.. Or can you? ;p

This has been around in my mind for a long time.
People should not be judged on what they wear. I think people need to understand that fashion is one's self reflection. What they wear is who they are. Be comfortable with what you wear.
Don't be afraid of what people will think.
Dare to be who you are. Be confident in what you wear.
Be open-minded.
Fashion is freedom. It's the one thing you can express your feeling with.

Photos by: Yoshua Kelvin
 ❤ ❤