Sunday, May 11, 2014

fall for me

Top- Portmans, Waterfall wrap wool coat- Portmans, Jeans- Asos, Clutch- Aldo, Statement necklace- Colette, Heels- Zara, Slim double wrap watch- Michael Kors

Hi there!

This post is solely dedicated to celebrate my last assignment for this month!
So many assignments to do for the last couple of weeks that I didn't even have an easter break. But here I am now enjoying autumn zephyr of beautiful Melbourne.
Some time this month in between the stacking assignments I should do, I realise something about myself. I am weird. Yes I am.
So here's the thing. I often, if not always have a different way of thinking with everybody else around me. My taste is different, my logic is different, my perspective is different. I am different.
I often see confusion on people's eyes when i deliver my ideas or even my fashion sense. Only some people understand who I am and respect them. Some people don't even want to try to listen to what i was about to say hahaha. Sometimes I think that's the reason why I'm not confident about myself, the reason I'm afraid to tell people how I feel.
Is there any other person out there feeling the same thing? You're not alone ;)
But i guess the thing is we're all unique and different. Some people respect them, some people don't.
Don't make our inner weirdness stops us from speaking up and express ourselves. I believe there's always an artistic part in us that makes us different. Preserve it, don't hide it!
The right person, the right people will fall for you.

 ❤ ❤ 
Photos by: Yoshua Kelvin


  1. diii ini d toorak tempat french festival bukan sih? ada tempat brunch disana tapi aku lupa namanyaaa hiks