Thursday, July 3, 2014


stripped sweater- Sportsgirl, watch- Daniel Wellington, jeans- Asos ankle grazer, cross shoulder bag- Stussy, shoes- Asos Dockland

I guess this post is titled after the currently playing movie, transformer (of course)..
 Today is the first sunny day after a whole month of drizzling rain and cyclone in Melbourne.
Oh boy how I love this place!
To celebrate this rarity, me and my lil' brother went to our nearest skate park (thus the shoes ;p ) for my brother to practice riding his skateboard. 
Me? I sat under the tree, soaking up the sun and reading a book.
Although shame on me, forgetting the fact that in spite the sunny day, it's winter already and Melbourne's wind is kinda crazy so I ended up constantly moving seats chasing the remaining sunlight at the park like a bumblebee.
And can we please talk about this bag?! i fell in love with this bag right the first time i saw it. it's really peculiar and i love finding things like this.

 ❤ ❤
Photos by: Yoshua Kelvin

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